Technology Planning

Through our partnership with Chris Tracy and the team at C.T. Training & Consulting , we are able to provide end to end consulting and implementation services. Our in-depth evaluation process guides the practice through the analysis, organization, and prioritization phases of the planning process.

It is our belief that there is not enough thought and planning which goes into the design of many computer systems in dental offices. Often: backups and disaster planning are inadequate, computers are introduced into the Ops with limited thought to their placement, cables are strewn across the floor, and there is limited ability to upgrade.

Through our knowledge of the specifics of dental computing, and guidance from our partners and associates in the dental and computing industries, we are able to provide planning in the following critical areas:

Network Migration Strategies
PC and Hardware Deployment Strategies
Server Upgrade Strategies
Standardized Platforms
Software and Hardware Upgrade Planning
Redundancy and Disaster Recovery Planning
Remote and Transparent Software Changes
Data Backup Evaluation
Hardware Placement Planning
Operatory Computer System Design
Custom Network Design
3 to 5 Year Hardware Rotation Planning
Capacity Planning
System Integration
LAN/WAN Planning

Through our 3 to 5 year technology plan: we help dentists evaluate their needs today and in the future.

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